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comforte AG and Cloudera Partner to Deliver Enhanced Data-Centric Security to Global Customers

As a Cloudera Certified Technology partner, comforte AG Offers Industry-leading Protection for Sensitive Data Across the Enterprise

Wiesbaden, 21 May 2024 – comforte AG, a global leader in data security, is excited to announce its strategic collaboration with Cloudera. This partnership sees comforte's cutting-edge data-centric security solution officially certified as a technology integration for Cloudera. Joint clients can now benefit from enhanced data protection by adding an additional layer of security to optimize their secure utilization of Cloudera's data management and analytical capabilities.

"We are delighted to provide Cloudera customers with an integrated data-centric security solution tailored for the Cloudera platform. This synergy empowers businesses to analyze data securely, fostering innovation-driven growth. The comforte Data Security Platform is purpose-built to safeguard data within hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments, ensuring its protection and usability for analytical purposes," stated Henning Horst, Chief Technology Officer, comforte AG.

"We are pleased to announce the addition of comforte AG to the Cloudera Partner Network as a certified Technology Provider. We are confident that the innovative data security solution offered by comforte will greatly benefit users of the Cloudera platform, empowering them to leverage their data securely for valuable insights that will propel their businesses forward," said Benjamin Bohne, Group Vice President DACH and Eastern Europe, Cloudera.

The integration of comforte’s solution with Cloudera facilitates secure data flows and analytics on a large scale. Privacy-preserving technology enables users to work with datasets containing personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data across hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud setups in a more secure way. Data remains de-identified, usable for analysis and secure sharing, and prevents unauthorized access even if perimeter defenses are breached. This instills confidence in meeting stringent data privacy regulations like PCI DSS and GDPR while upholding privacy standards and customer trust.

"Data analytics teams require self-service access to data in a secure and timely manner. By embracing a data-centric security approach, our mutual clients can expedite data innovation, adhere to privacy regulations, and mitigate the risk of data breaches," added Horst.

Cloudera efficiently manages data across various environments such as multiple public clouds, bare metal, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. It leverages machine learning to intelligently scale workloads for more cost-effective cloud infrastructure utilization. With this latest integration with Cloudera, comforte continues to expand its network of trusted data ecosystem partners, fostering environments where data flows securely while enabling businesses to concentrate on innovation and value creation.

About comforte AG
comforte AG is a privately held software company based in Wiesbaden, Germany. The comforte Data Security Platform is designed to help you quickly and easily implement data-centric security, safeguard your data from the earliest possible stage, and keep it secure as it moves throughout its lifecycle while maintaining its usability for processing and analysis.

The platform effortlessly integrates with any data flow, business application, or data store using smart interceptors or powerful APIs supporting any language or script. Additionally, the platform integrates with your IAM infrastructure to enable central management and consistent enforcement of security policies defined for sensitive data.

For more information and to learn more about comforte Data Security Platform, visit and follow comforte AG on LinkedIn and X.

About Cloudera
Cloudera empowers the world’s largest enterprises to solve some of today’s most complex business problems with a software platform that helps them control, analyze, and modernize their data, analytics, and AI. The company provides the only true hybrid data platform that enables enterprises to analyze and bring AI to their data—wherever it lives. With Cloudera, enterprises can trust their data with unified governance and security across all environments for every enterprise AI application.

To learn more, visit the Cloudera website and follow the company on LinkedIn, X, and Facebook.

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