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comforte AG Becomes Oracle PartnerNetwork Member, Provides Joint Customers with Data-Centric Security

As OPN member, comforte AG Helps Oracle Cloud Customers Optimize Data Analytics with Data Protection

Wiesbaden, Germany – 22 June 2023 – comforte AG, a leading provider of data-centric security, today announced it has become a member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), enhancing its competitive positioning and offering added value to Oracle Cloud customers. The comforte Data Security Platform enables the protection of sensitive data, compliance with data privacy regulations, and supports organizational data goals and initiatives. 

As an OPN member, joint customers can now adopt comforte’s end-to-end data security strategy with privacy-preserving protection for sensitive data elements and data discovery and classification that searches for sensitive data elements in Oracle environments.

The comforte Data Security Platform offers joint customers these additional benefits:

  • Optimized Protection: Stateless Tokenization and Format Preserving Encryption that unlocks access to sensitive data, analysis of sensitive data with the continuation of the data element structure, and protection of sensitive data as early as possible
  • Enhanced Discovery and Classification: Continuous discovery capabilities that autonomously search for sensitive data elements on an ongoing basis
  • Transparent Integration: Zero or minimal impact on existing customer configurations within data tools and environments
  • Optimal Architecture: Cloud-native design specifically designed for cloud-based data tools and environments
  • Identification of Risk: Ability to locate data lineages with relationships among sensitive data and sources of risk
  • Mitigation of Risk: Data remains protected in case of data breach and simplifies compliance fears

“We are very excited to provide Oracle customers with added value from a security perspective. The comforte Data Security platform will help organizations to better achieve compliance, manage sensitive data, and drive decision-making while knowing they are most effectively protected from security risks” said Henning Horst, Chief Technology Officer, comforte.

About comforte:

comforte AG is a leading provider of data-centric security technology. Today, more than 500 Enterprises worldwide rely on its tokenization and format-preserving encryption capabilities to secure the sensitive data that they have been entrusted with. The comforte Data Security Platform seamlessly integrates into the most modern cloud-native environments as well as traditional core systems. No matter where your data is, it helps you discover, classify and protect it. With more than 20 years of experience in data security and protection of truly mission-critical systems, comforte AG is the perfect partner for organizations who want to secure their growth by protecting their most valuable asset: data.

The comforte Data Security Platform enables automated continuous discovery of sensitive data with near-real-time updates and the ability to protect structured sensitive data inside files, applications, data lakes and databases - hybrid, cloud, SaaS and on-prem. The platform also provides continuous data security at rest, in motion and in use, and deploys in a fraction of the time of traditional, API-driven solutions. By leveraging standards-based data encryption, tokenization, and masking, the comforte Data Security Platform provides granular audit and control for regulatory compliance.

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