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comforte AG Introduces Quantum-Resistant Pseudonymization for Their Data Security Platform


Wiesbaden, 9 June 2024 – With the latest release of its Data Security Platform, comforte builds upon its proven foundation by introducing several innovations and improvements to further strengthen security, enhance monitoring and auditing capabilities, and increase the reliability and efficiency of its product.

A major innovation of this release is the addition of a new state-of-the-art quantum-resistant configuration of comforte’s algorithms for pseudonymization and tokenization. As quantum computing advances, traditional encryption methods pose significant risks. Especially for scenarios where data longevity is involved, there is a risk that cybercriminals steal sensitive data today and could decrypt it in the future. Oftentimes, organizations are transferring unprotected data with the use of public key infrastructure (PKI) which will be significantly at risk because of quantum computing.

comforte`s new algorithm FAST (Format-preserving Addition Substitution Transformation) is designed to protect sensitive data against the formidable capabilities of quantum computers, ensuring that information encrypted today remains secured against tomorrow’s threats. While not replacing PKI, it allows organizations to add an important additional layer of security by enabling them to store, transfer and use data in its protected form – even for small domain sizes that often occur in privacy-relevant data sets.

Based on direct customer feedback, the new version provides enhanced logging features allowing for more control and flexibility for application monitoring and data governance. Compatibility with various logging systems helps customers fulfill logging requirements defined in the new version of PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, Requirement 10.2) and gain much more control over their data.

About comforte AG
comforte AG is a leading provider of data-centric security technology. Today, more than 500 Enterprises worldwide rely on its tokenization and format-preserving encryption capabilities to secure the sensitive data that they have been entrusted with. The comforte Data Security Platform seamlessly integrates into most modern cloud-native environments as well as traditional core systems. No matter where your data is, it helps you discover, classify and protect it. With more than 20 years of experience in data security and protection of truly mission-critical systems, comforte AG is the perfect partner for organizations who want to secure their growth by protecting their most valuable asset: data.

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