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comforte Announces Partnership With Google Cloud To Offer A Data-Centric Security Integration For Big Query

New Integration Provides Automated Data Discovery, Protection, And Security Controls To Google BigQuery Users For Data Analysis To Deliver Business Value

Wiesbaden, Germany – 13 July 2023 – comforte AG, a global leader in data security, has announced its new collaboration with Google Cloud. As part of this partnership, comforte's innovative data-centric security solution has been integrated with Google Cloud's data warehouse, BigQuery remote functions. This integration enhances data protection by adding an extra layer of security while allowing customers to harness the analytical capabilities of Google Cloud’s BigQuery.

Google Cloud's serverless architecture enables businesses to operate efficiently and swiftly, facilitating faster analysis of large data sets. Through BigQuery remote functions, Google Cloud customers can extend BigQuery using their own external code. By leveraging comforte's data-centric solutions, users can securely utilize data sets that contain personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data across the cloud. Data-centric security, which applies protection to the data itself from end to end, ensures that data used in BigQuery, throughout the Google Cloud ecosystem but also if used and shared outside it remains protected and maintains its usability.

"We are thrilled to offer Google Cloud customers an integrated data-centric security solution with BigQuery. This collaboration allows businesses to analyze data effectively, driving their innovation-led growth. The comforte Data Security Platform is specifically designed to safeguard data within cloud-based environments, ensuring its protection and usability for data analysis," stated Henning Horst, CTO at comforte.

comforte’s integration with BigQuery enables secure data analytics at scale

When combined with BigQuery's inherent security features, comforte's advanced data protection solution offers customers a high level of confidence in achieving compliance with stringent data privacy regulations such as PCI DSS and GDPR, as well as internal security and risk management policies. This empowers businesses to enhance their data analysis capabilities through BigQuery, delivering valuable business insights while upholding privacy and customer trust.

By ensuring the protection of customers' sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII) and payment data, companies can confidently embrace the adoption of Google Cloud and powerful tools like BigQuery. In the event of unauthorized access or disclosure, the data remains fully de-identified, making it worthless for any malicious intent.

Comforte employs various de-identification techniques, including masking, hashing, encryption, and tokenization, to provide comprehensive data protection. These technologies safeguard data from its earliest stages, preserving its analytical value while rendering it useless in the event of unauthorized access or disclosure.

"Data analytics teams require specialized solutions that not only preserve the usefulness of data but also optimize the protection of sensitive information. By adopting a data-centric approach to security, our joint customers can accelerate data innovation, comply with privacy regulations, and minimize the risk of data breaches," Horst added.

To learn more about comforte’s new integration with Google Cloud’s BigQuery, click here.

About comforte:

comforte AG is a leading provider of data-centric security technology. Today, more than 500 Enterprises worldwide rely on its tokenization and format-preserving encryption capabilities to secure the sensitive data that they have been entrusted with. The comforte Data Security Platform seamlessly integrates into the most modern cloud-native environments as well as traditional core systems. No matter where your data is, it helps you discover, classify and protect it. With more than 20 years of experience in data security and protection of truly mission-critical systems, comforte AG is the perfect partner for organizations who want to secure their growth by protecting their most valuable asset: data.

The comforte Data Security Platform enables automated continuous discovery of sensitive data with near-real-time updates and the ability to protect structured sensitive data inside files, applications, data lakes and databases - hybrid, cloud, SaaS and on-prem. The platform also provides continuous data security at rest, in motion and in use, and deploys in a fraction of the time of traditional, API-driven solutions. By leveraging standards-based data encryption, tokenization, and masking, the comforte Data Security Platform provides granular audit and control for regulatory compliance.

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